Current as of November 11, 2018
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Creative Projects Spreads
Creative Inspiration Reading (drawing 3 cards) Tarot, Sacred Path or Goddess Cards;
Butterfly Medicine Cards Reading (drawing 4 cards);
Creative Going Public Tarot Reading (drawing 6 cards);
Wrecking Ball Tarot Reading (drawing 6 cards);
Creative Blocks Tarot Reading (drawing 7 cards);
Vision Maker Sacred Path Reading (drawing 7 cards);
Project Midpoint Tarot Reading (drawing 8 cards);
New Project Grand Cross Reading (drawing 9 cards).

Personal Growth Spreads
Harvest Tarot Reading (drawing 6 cards);
Weather Reading (drawing 6 cards) Tarot or Sacred Path Cards;
Totem Animals Medicine Cards Reading (drawing 7 cards);
Birthday Grand Cross Tarot Reading (drawing 9 cards);
Red Road/ Blue Road Sacred Path Grand Cross Reading (drawing 9 cards);
Treasure Chest Grand Cross Reading (drawing 9 cards) Tarot, Sacred Path or Medicine Cards

General Purpose Spreads
Relationship Grand Cross Tarot Reading (drawing 9 cards);
Celtic Cross Tarot Reading (drawing 10 cards);
Astrological Houses Card Reading (drawing 12 cards) Tarot or Sacred Path cards;
Household Tarot Reading (drawing 13 cards).

Double Deck Spreads
GPS Guidance & Purpose Spread: (drawing 5 cards)

Four States Spread: (drawing 8 cards)

Chakras Spread: (drawing 14 cards)

Limited Availability Special Offer:
Looking Ahead Two Deck/ Two Spreads reading Combines an Astrological Houses (Sacred Rose Tarot) Reading with a Grand Cross Treasure Chest (Goddess Gifts Oracle Deck) Reading for a total of 21 cards from two decks.

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