the 5 of Cups card from each of 4 decksMy Tarot Decks:
Top, L to R: Morgan-Greer; Sacred Rose;
Bottom, L to R: Medieval Scapini; Aquarian.

Which deck (design) is used?
My standard tarot deck is the Morgan-Greer. The imagery is based on the widely-popular Rider-Waite-Smith deck, but updated and slightly less cluttered. The other decks shown here are available for a reading if one of them speaks to you.

cards from the Tarot of Sister WhoNEW FOR 2019
The Tarot Of Sister Who
I like this deck so much I’ve agreed to promote it. You may purchase your own copy of the deck from

a card from each of 3 native-based oracle decksFirst Nations Based Oracle Decks:
Top, L to R: Medicine (Totem) Cards; Sacred Path Cards;
Bottom: Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards.

These decks have been designed by artists of Lakota, Iroquois, Cherokee and Choctaw descent. I make no claim to have been trained or raised within those traditions and do not identify as a ‘shaman’ or ‘medicine man’. I do not represent or ‘speak for’ those traditions beyond the cards’ artwork and published First Nations traditions.

pictures of two Oracle decks designed by Doreen VirtueOracle Decks by Doreen Virtue
Two of three decks gifted to me this summer. The artwork is gorgeous, and they are not something I would have purchased for myself with my limited funds. These decks are the basis of my new Double Deck Spreads– using various combinations of deck paradigms to produce the most helpful reading.