Everyone who offers a professional service or creates ‘artistic work’ faces the quandary of what pricing to charge. In a retail sales environment the calculation can start with the cost of the item(s) being sold, then adding the various elements of overhead, behind-the-scenes expense and corporate profit. That pricing might also be influenced by ‘perceived value’ – what value a customer places on the item or service. Think last-minute holiday gift shoppers scrambling for the last known copy of the hottest gift, or event ticket scalpers.

Pricing creative work is the same, and yet different. Often a potential customer will attempt to calculate the costs of the various physical materials used in a piece of work, add in some sort of salary for the time it takes to produce it, and arrive at a ‘fair market price’. Of course, those are but a small percentage of the total costs of operating a professional/ creative enterprise.

As a self-employed skilled professional I do not have all the overhead of a retail outlet. I don’t lease retail space, do not have employees, etc. However, I am responsible for self-employment taxes, medical insurance and my retirement fund- all without any corporate contribution. Just as any self-employed person, I set a goal for my own earnings. A combination of compensation for the hours I work and a return on my investment in the business.

In addition to payment processing and other Internet-related expenses for all my endeavors, my photography and design services require equipment and ongoing training expense. Overhead that specifically supports Gryphon Card Readings include college studies (sociology, philosophy, and others), non-college workshops, books, decks, and decades of practice. Practice at reading cards and other divination methods; plus decades of living as an openly queer individual, studying behaviours and patterns (common or unique) across a wide variety of folks and situations. Using all that, plus whatever it is that the cards tap into, to provide you insight.

The amount of time it takes for me to complete a card reading varies, of course, by the spread and the question(s) being addressed. I do not use an app, software package, or just flip through a book to select cards. The interpretation I deliver is more than just a cut & paste definition of each card. The spread tells a story; cards influence each other and patterns are most often more than mere coincidence.

There is also an attempt to understand what value clients place on my work. Just how accurate they feel my reading is; how helpful it is in achieving goals or advancing personal growth. I hope you also see a Gryphon Card Reading as helpful, and a wise investment.

Pricing as of January 3, 2019

Email readings using pre-selected decks for one of my standardized spreads, with up to 9 cards, may be purchased through my Etsy shop for US$29.00. As of 01/01/2019 over 2/3 of the available spreads (and all of the Creative Projects category) are US$29.00.

Readings using pre-selected decks for one of my standardized spreads, using from 10 to 19 cards, may be purchased through my Etsy shop for US$49.00.

Custom readings- whether using a greater number of cards, non-standard spreads, or other decks, are also available. Please see my Etsy shop for further information.

All eMail readings include a .pdf file sent via email. This will list the question, the spread (card layout), the cards drawn, and my interpretation of the reading. A photograph of the spread will be included.

Should you have an aversion to using Etsy, I can take direct payment via PayPal- Please shoot me a note and we can make it happen. Live readings via telephone may be available; on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me to be considered.