I also offer readings to address more generalized questions on balancing work with relationships and other life challenges. Readings may be booked at my Etsy shop. All readings include a .pdf file sent via email. This will list the question, the spread (card layout), the cards drawn, and my interpretation of the reading. A photograph of the spread will be included.

picture of sample readingRelationship GC Reading (drawing 9 cards)
A 9 card Grand Cross reading for a 2 person relationship. This reading is not restricted to romantic or emotional pairings; may be useful for a wide variety of interpersonal connexions.

picture of sample readingCeltic Cross Spread (drawing 10 cards)
Perhaps the most recognized traditional Tarot spread. This 10 card spread is very well suited to most personal life questions. You may ask about a specific topic or request a general reading.

picture of sample readingAstrology Spread (drawing 12 cards)
A 12 card spread based on the Houses of traditional western astrology:
Public Persona / Resources / Communication / Home & Family / Creativity / Work and Service / Relating / Death & Sexuality / Journeys / Careers / Friends and Acquaintances / Secret Sorrows.

This reading may be done with the traditional Tarot Deck or else the Sacred Path Deck, inspired by Indigenous traditions.

picture of sample readingHousehold Reading (drawing 13 cards)
A 13 card reading designed for a household, based on “Power Tarot” (MacGregor & Vega). This has been re-designed specifically for expanded non-traditional households.

Custom Spreads Available

picture of sample readingCustom Small Spread
A concise reading using up to 9 cards suited to a single question or situation. The spread will be selected or designed in response to your question(s) and may take 1 or 2 additional days to create.

picture of sample readingCustom Large Spread
A detailed reading using 10 to 19 cards; it may include cards from an additional deck for clarity. Your reading will include a single spread or multiple smaller spreads; depending on your question(s). Spread(s) will be designed in response to your question(s) and may take 1 or 2 additional days to create.

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