New GPS Spreads

Guidance &

A multi-deck 5 card reading.
Based on a combination of existing spreads, this one combines two decks for a succinct and powerful reading to help you focus on moving forward with a purpose beyond merely paying bills and avoiding trouble.

1. East Card– the base of your spiritual strength;
2. South Card– a lesson from your inner child;
3. West Card– the next step in discovering/practicing your Purpose;
4. North Card– a lesson from your elders/ ancestors;;
5. Guidance Card– a source of guidance and strength.

The spread is flexible; I have designed three alternatives with decks using various paradigms;

Oracle Decks Spread
Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue;
Cards 1-4 from the Life Purpose Oracle Deck;
Card 5 from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck.

First Nations Decks Spread
First Nation Decks from Jamie Sams;
Cards 1-4 from the Sacred Path Deck;
Card 5 from Medicine Cards Deck.

Tarot Decks Spread
Traditional Tarot Cards.
Cards 1-4 from the Morgan-Greer Deck;
Card 5 from the Sacred Rose Deck.
Note that Card 5 may be the same as one of the first 4 in this version, as it’s drawn from a second Tarot deck. The second is the Limited Edition Sacred Rose deck with just the Major Arcana cards.

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